Engens Homeschool


Our Curriculum 2013-2014

This is our first year homeschooling on our own so the curriculum has changed many times since we started.  I believe we have found what we are going to stick with for a while.

Math: we are using Math U See, B is using the Primer (Kindergarten), A is using the Gamma (Multiplication), and for J we are going quickly through Epsilon (Fractions) and then Zeta (Percents) just to make sure he knows it all before we do Pre-Algebra next year. They watch a video of how to do the lessons for the week with manipulatives and work on that concept until they master it, take a test on it, then they can move to the next lesson.

Language Arts: We started out with Evan-Moore books for just about everything but it felt too much like school and the kids were not actually "reading" any of it and could not answer the questions correctly for the Comprehension so I decided to move reading over to Easy Peasy. (Love the classics) Grammar stayed with Evan-Moore for my 3rd and 6th grader, for Vocabulary I've decided to use Wordly Wise online, I have them listed to 5 words per day, then do the games after they listed to the words for each unit.  Writing we are doing a Co-op for the Student Writing Intensive by the Institute for Excellence in Writing.  I am loving this writing and will be incorporating more things from IEW for the next school year. It's simplicity is amazing and they kids will actually write!!!  We are using Sequential Spelling Book 1 this year for the older 2 kids and I have made a Presentation on PowerPoint for them to watch that has the words being said in a sentence, they write the word, move to the next slide to check if they are correct.  They are able to go at their own pace instead of waiting for each other to finish, and I am able to keep working. We are using Handwriting without Tears Cursive 3rd grade book for both older kids. My oldest did not learn cursive in PS. Lastly my 3rd grader used the Evan-Moore phonics.

Geography we use Evan-Moore Daily Geography, the kids love this because it's only 2 questions per day. 3rd grade goes through each state and asked questions about where things are located, or what borders that state. 

Science and History I have not found a separate curriculum that I would like them to use that is better than Easy Peasy. I love they Lee Giles has incorporated YouTube Videos, Lapbooks, Stories and so much more into her lessons, that I could not find anything that would be better than that. 

Extras: PE, Music, and Art are with Easy Peasy also.  I used the Family Time Fitness which I loved but do not have the time to keep up with it. My daughter still does the Write Right Now book 1 for drawing, she loves to draw. And I am wanting to try to keep them learning the piano with freepianolessonsforkids.com. We are also learning Spanish with the Complete book of Spanish by AEP. It is for 1st - 3rd graders but it's still good for older ones too, my 6th grader still likes it. And finally I'm using the Responsibility curriculum from Pearables. It has weekly stories to read about how to take responsibility and they are to do those things throughout the week for practice.

Goals for next years curriculum are to keep with Math U See for my will be 1st grader and 4th grader. My then 7th grader will use Teaching Textbooks for Pre-Algebra so he can have someone else explain how he should have gotten the answer if he gets it wrong. Language Arts Reading will stay with Easy Peasy except my 7th grader will be doing the Following Narnia from IEW so he will be reading the Narnia books that go with that curriculum. I'm planning on getting the Fix-It Grammar also from IEW for both older kids, and Fables, Myths and Fairytales from IEW for my 4th graders writing. Lastly IEW has a Micro Business curriculum that my 7th grader would love, he is a true entrepreneur, always trying to come up with ways to make money.